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About Us

You're nosey, I like it! ;) Hey! I’m Martika, and I’m the founder of Platform 66 - thanks for taking the time to learn more about what we do at our agency. 

Because we spend so much time online in and around brands and their digital auras, seeing where they go right and also where they go wrong - particularly in the social media space, we wanted to build a business driven to helping companies matter in the online world. Why? Because this is where brands of tomorrow - well, really… brands of NOW are being built.

See, we’re living in the craziest times. Busy times, noisy times - confusing times! But amazing times nonetheless that have mountains of opportunity available for brands who double down on getting the digital experience right for their prospects and customers.

This is where Platform 66 answers the call, and does so with a smile, strategy, hot tea and a keyboard at the ready.


Our mission is to take the experience we’ve earned in building brands in the digital world and map that out for our clients so that they can feel confident and competent in the social space and ensure that their message is not only heard, but matters in the minds of their perfect customers.

As a company we’re easy to love. The customers of our clients come first, we only work with brands we believe in and for us that inspires the team to do our best work. We’re a quirky bunch - a small, digital, global team who love dogs and share a strange common affection for dinosaurs, memes and average board games.

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Working with us is like working with a friend who has your back. Where you want to go matters to us and we work with you to get there. When you need support we actively help you to make your goals in the digital world achievable.

But equally, when you make your own life difficult (and we’ll call you out on it) we’ll guide you to a solution based path moving forward and coach you along the way.

We don’t really have an “add to cart” and “buy now” option, that’s not how we do things. We have packaged solutions yes, but before we let like businesses yours become clients we like to connect first and learn more about what you want to achieve and make sure overall that we are the right fit to make that happen.

If you click below, you can connect with us quickly and simply and from that we can have a chat and learn more about each other.

Hope to connect soon!



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